Distribution to our current database:  45000 

Durban North – To Tongaat, Phoenix, uMhlanga, Cornubia

An All-Inclusive Multi – Channel Marketing System for one low monthly  subscription

1. Mobile Shopping Guide  accessible 24/7/365

2. Megazone Radio  Daily for listeners to opt-in to receive the Mobi-Shopping Guide.

3. Customised Individual E-Flyers for your own marketing initiatives

4. Business Directory  listing on www.finditfast.co.za 

5. Bulk SMS campaign with the Mobi-Shopping Guide delivered electronically to over 45000 at month ends. 

With Mobile – The Possibilities are endless. View the video presentation. 2 min, 18 sec. – Fully explains all the channels.



Power Classifieds: R499 pm – 10 Images with 1 Free change per month. Minimum 3 month upfront payment. R100 once off Set-up & Design Fee.

Premium – R 1299 pm – 50 images with 2 Free Changes per month. R200 Once off Set-up & Design Fee.


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1.  SMS in a digital world

2. Why WhatsApp is not an option for bulk messaging for much longer.


A Summary of FinditFast’s incorporated Channels


1. Mobi Shopping &  Service  Guide 

This Channel is specifically designed for SmartPhones. Probably over 90% of Adults are using WhatsApp – which means they will be able to open the link to the Mobi Shopping  & Service Guide

The use of Mobiles in searching products & services is a Growing Channel due to its portability and accessibility 24/7/365. 

Opens from an SMS / WhatsApp message.

Perfect for Retail Stores, like supermarkets, & Fashion Outlets that have over 50 Products to market &  where the product & prices changes regularly.

WA079 059 6255 One Tap Direct WhatsApp to get the Shopping Guide

The marketing effort is ‘alive’ 24/7/365

Content updated real time as changes are done.

>> Click here to view the live version

NB :  Designed for Mobile Device – Won’t display correctly on PC or Laptop.


2. MegaZone Radio

Our association with Megazone Radio, ensures that the entire Mobi Shopping Guide is advertised to hundreds of thousands of listeners daily at no extra cost to our subscribers. 

Large Listener bases in KZN , Gauteng & Western Cape.  

175k KZN on-line listeners & Launching in Durban on 104.8FM



3. Strategic Bulk SMS Push Notifications

We have a growing database of consumers and can send of Bulk SMS Campaigns to tens of thousands of consumers in an instant. The entire mobi-shopping guide can be delivered to tens of thousands of cellphones within a few minutes.

SMS offers open rates in excess of 93% and 90% are read within 5 minutes.

Our cost shared pricing plan, we send Bulk SMS’s from just 2 cents –  yes R0.02 each.

We Partnered with the Best SMS service provider in the world


4. Electronic Flyer / e-flyer

A branded electronic flyer, that can hold in excess of 20 images & MP4 video.

Scenarios where this can be used is where business’ have a list of clients’ cellphone number and would like to send these at specific times via SMS/Whatsapp at short notice. eg – to inform clients of a Special Offer, to stimulate a quiet period, or a product/price list/  etc. Designed & updated by Finditfast, but distributed by the business directly as & when they desire.

Some Examples of e-flyers:

>>Tyre Shop Price List

>> Company Work Sample & Profile

>> Product List

>> Menu & catering

>> E-Flyer including MP4 Video


5. On-Line Business Directory  


Offerring a National Reach and has a built in link to display your latest product list or company profile.

Instant CRM Tools like One tap Instant Whatsapp and email enquiry form.


Optional Extra’s

 Social Media

Our in house Social Media expert handles your on line advertising for a minimal extra.

Article :  SMS in a Digital World

Read why SMS remains one of the most valuable tools in the marketing space http://bit.ly/2NplZT0

Article: WhatsApp will be shutting down Spam & Bulk Messaging from December. 

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Finditfast Shopping & Service Guide. For t/c visit www.finditfast.co.za

Get  it free – WhatsAp any message to  WhatsApp 079 059 6255 – Auto Response